ToughWriter 5

The ToughWriter® 5 is the latest generation airborne printer from AstroNova and the world’s smallest ARINC 744A flight deck printer. From its high resolution, direct thermal printing process to its fast microprocessor, the ToughWriter 5 is suitable for both commercial and military aircraft applications.

Military »
Tested to the latest MIL-STD requirements, the ToughWriter 5 is ideally suited for the demanding military transport aircraft environment. Night vision compatible switches and military grade connectors allow the ToughWriter 5 to withstand the rigorous demands of military missions.
Commercial »
With its robust design and high Mean Time Between Failure, the ToughWriter 5 is designed to meet the high dispatch reliability required by aircraft operators. Its high dependability and low weight reduce operating costs, while innovations such as Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi allow for direct connection to Electronic Flight Bags and tablet devices.
Business & Regional Jet »
Business & Regional Jet
The compact design and low weight make the ToughWriter 5 optimally suited for installation in the flight deck of business and regional jets. Its design maximizes airflow for adjacent products and allows installation in the flight deck pedestal or console.
In-Flight Entertainment »
In-Flight Entertainment
The ToughWriter 5 cabin printer is the ideal addition to any in-flight entertainment system, an easy solution to print receipts, passenger manifests and connecting gate information in-flight. The high print speed provides maintenance personnel with fast access to critical information, which optimizes aircraft turnaround time.