The Thermal Printer
and Paper Expert

AstroNova® has the ideal paper solution for all airborne printers because we know how these printers work. We have been designing and perfecting thermal printers and recorders for 50 years. We know how to preserve and extend printhead life, resulting in long-term printer reliability. AstroNova manufactures both airborne printers and airborne thermal paper. We know how to match the right paper to your printer. Our experience can be seen in the quality of our printed output – our printouts are the most legible in the industry, even at top print speeds.

We start with only the highest quality base paper with low friction to minimize printhead wear, very low concentrations of sodium and chloride ions to prevent printhead corrosion, controlled moisture content, controlled thickness (to avoid slippage and jamming), exacting thermal response and permanent imaging properties (for long-lasting records). Using a lesser quality paper can be extremely detrimental for your printheads. Be sure to source your paper from AstroNova, the thermal printer and paper expert.

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