AstroNova Aerospace designs and manufactures military-grade airborne printers and networking hardware. With rugged designs and military grade connectors, these products meet the latest MIL-STD requirements and are able to withstand the rigors of military missions.


The military transport aircraft environment requires a highly reliable printer that is always mission ready. Designed specifically for the flight deck of military aircraft, the ToughWriter® 5 printer is ideally suited for these demanding applications.

Airborne Ethernet Switches

The ToughSwitch® 2 is a dedicated, ruggedized Ethernet switch designed to meet MIL-STD requirements for shock and vibration. Nine dedicated 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports make the ToughSwitch 2 ideal for use in any airborne military network.

Military Vehicles Ethernet Switches

The ToughSwitch® 3 is a dedicated, ruggedized Ethernet switch that meets MIL-STD environmental and electromagnetic requirements. It operates from 24 VDC vehicle power in accordance with MIL-STD-1275B, making it ideally suited for use in military vehicles.