Airborne Printers

ToughWriter 5 »
ToughWriter 5
The ToughWriter® 5 is the latest generation airborne printing solution. Its ARINC429, Ethernet and Wi-Fi ports are ideal for printing text and graphics from Electronic Flight Bags, iPads and other tablet devices. It has the lowest size and weight in the industry and its small footprint makes it suitable for installation in almost any aircraft.
ToughWriter 4 »
ToughWriter 4
The ToughWriter® 4 is the fourth generation airborne printer from AstroNova. With its crisp, high resolution thermal printing and industry-best print speed, the ToughWriter 4 is a proven standard for wide format, airborne printing. It’s the printer of choice for the B787 and A380 flight decks and major in-flight entertainment system manufacturers.
ToughWriter 640 »
ToughWriter 640
The ToughWriter® 640 is AstroNova’s newest ARINC 740 printer. With a compact design and light weight - under five pounds with a full roll of paper - it’s perfectly suited for installation in narrow body aircraft where flight deck space is at a premium. It’s the first narrow format flight deck printer to include Ethernet for printing graphical information.
Miltope Series »
Miltope Series
AstroNova® acquired Miltope’s airborne printer business - including the TP4429 narrow format printer and TP4840 and NP4840 wide format printers - in 2014. Miltope printers are used in commercial and military aircraft and sold to aircraft manufacturers, tier one contractors and directly to airlines throughout the world.
RTP80 Series »
RTP80 Series
RTP80 wide format printers are certified on several major commercial transport aircraft and regional jets.
PTA-45B »
The PTA-45B Multi-Input Cockpit Data Printer is a general purpose, high performance, airborne message, thermal line printer designed specifically for use on commercial aircraft. It combines the extreme high reliability and efficiency of a power supply and stepper motor with quiet operation and a high resolution, stationary thermal printer head to produce superior quality prints.